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How do you help patients who are afraid of the dentist?

You might be surprised to learn that about a third of the patients who call our office express some level of dental anxiety, so you are definitely not alone. For some, dental anxiety is so great that patients actually stay away, miss appointments, and then develop serious oral health problems that cause them to spend more time at the dentist in the long run.

Dr. Carter wanted to provide a way for even the most fearful patients to get the dental care they need to stay healthy. That is why at Hopewell Family Dentistry, we offer two levels of sedation dentistry to help our anxious patients relax.

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is a mild form of sedation. It’s so safe, we can even use it on nervous kids. It doesn’t leave you groggy or feeling drowsy so you can return to work right away.

Oral sedation dentistry is a powerful way to combat dental office stress. We use prescription medication to help you reach deep levels of sedation while you remain conscious, though you may doze off during treatment. You shouldn’t drive after oral sedation, so bring a friend with you to your appointment to keep you safe.

Are you curious about sedation dentistry? Call our Anderson, SC dental office today!

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