Dental Implants in Anderson, SC

Missing teeth can leave you with day-to-day challenges that may occupy your thoughts and challenge you in ways that are frustrating. 

Eating, laughing, smiling, and speaking are natural parts of each day – probably some of your favorite parts! Missing teeth, however, make all those things harder than they need to be.

At Hopewell Family Dentistry, we can give you peace of mind by replacing your missing teeth with dental implants.

middle-aged man and woman smilingThe Dental Implant Process 

We handle all your dental implant needs right here in our Anderson, SC dental office from start to finish.

For you, that means continuity of care with Dr. Carter, who will provide you with exceptional dentistry and outstanding results. Even if you require additional treatment such as bone grafting, he will be the only dentist you need to see.

Dental implants require a few steps to complete. Our patients always tell us that they wish they had gotten them sooner because they provide the freedom of natural teeth.

Step One: Evaluation

Dr. Carter will provide a comprehensive exam to determine whether your bone is dense enough to receive a dental implant. If you do not have sufficient bone, he may recommend bone grafting before he begins. Bone grafting uses lab-created or donor bone to increase your bone density, and he can complete your treatment right here.

Step Two: Surgery

While the word “surgery” may cause anxiety, there is no need to worry about this part of the procedure. Dental implants don’t take long to place, and recovery is generally easy with minimal discomfort.

Step Three: Healing and Integration

You know what they say! “Waiting is the hardest part.”

While waiting for your dental implant to integrate with your jawbone may try your patience, this is an essential part of the process. It takes several months for your dental implant to fully stabilize and become part of you. This time allows for success and stability in the future.

If you want to fill the gap in your smile while your implant heals, we can explore your options and come up with a solution.

Step Four: Restoration

Step four is the part we have all been waiting for! We will place a custom porcelain crown atop your new dental implant. It will match your smile beautifully and last for many years to come.

close up of implant in jawBenefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants look great and last a long time. They also have a few bonus benefits to consider:

Implants preserve precious bone. Tooth loss can often lead to bone loss, but your dental implant maintains the tooth/bone relationship just like your natural teeth.

Implants keep your teeth from shifting. Dental implants fill the gap in your smile and stabilize the adjacent and opposing teeth.

Convenience is best. You can brush and floss your dental implant normally. Regular dental exams and cleanings combined with great home care are the best insurance policy for your new dental implant.

Contact Our Anderson Office to Learn More about Dental Implants

When you choose dental implants with Dr. Carter, he will be by your side every step of the way. You can count on great results, and it takes just a quick phone call to set up your dental implant evaluation.