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What's the best way to replace my missing teeth?

That depends on you, your goals for your smile, and your overall oral health.

At Hopewell Family Dentistry, we offer a number of options to replace missing teeth. An oral evaluation will help us determine which option is right for you. Here are some of the ways we can give you your smile back:

Fixed dental bridge – If you are missing one or two teeth, a dental bridge may be the answer. A bridge can complete your smile and prevent your teeth from moving. The downside is that we need to prep two of your adjacent teeth to suspend the artificial tooth in place.

Dental implants – One of the best ways to replace missing teeth is with a dental implant. We do not need to prep healthy teeth because dental implants can stand alone. Dental implants also have the same health benefits of your natural teeth.

Partial denture – A partial denture replaces missing teeth on your upper or lower arch. It can replace a few or many missing teeth and uses your natural teeth as an anchor.

Complete dentures – A complete denture is for patients who are facing extraction of all of their teeth on their upper or lower arch.

Contact us to learn which option will work best for you.

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