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Dr. Patrick Carter
3728 N. Hwy. 81
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Do you treat children?

Not only do we treat children, it’s one of the best parts of our day!

We have set up our office to make sure that kids feel completely comfortable. We know parents can be a little nervous, too, so we will make your child’s dental visits fun for you as well!

Dr. Carter believes that helping kids keep their teeth healthy now will not only protect their smiles in the future, but allow them to have a positive attitude toward dentistry and oral health that lasts a lifetime.

Kid-Themed Treatment Room

We have a kid-sized and fun treatment room where your child will receive his or her care. From the brightly decorated walls to the overhead televisions, this special place was designed with your little one in mind. We can play their favorite Disney Channel or Nick show to help them pass the time.

Professional and Gentle Care

We describe treatment in a way that makes dentistry easy for kids to understand. By avoiding scary terms such as shot, hurt, and drill, we can eliminate their anxiety.

We also communicate well with parents and keep them up-to-date on everything we see. If your child is missing a spot when they brush their teeth, we will show both of you how to make sure even those hard-to-reach areas get attention.

If you have a thumb sucker at home and it is time for them to break the habit, we are here to support you and give you some ideas to make this transition easier.

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